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CO3OLT (pronounced “cobolt”) are a Norwegian trio merging a variety of influences to create a very personal sound. Jazz, lounge music, electronica and a bit of industrial are stirred together into a dark concoction that can only be labelled as autumn music. Exquisite sounds for sophisticated listeners.

CO3OLT are Kim Berg, André Nygård & Jimmie Poots. The band was founded in 2003 by Kim and André, to be joined by Jimmie shortly after. Since then they´ve been writing music and now finally are releasing their debut album "9".

These Norwegians deliver a dark fusion of a variety of styles. If the Bad Seeds started experimenting with electronica it might have turned out a bit like this. Subtle, subdued and melancholic, CO3OLT are the perfect soundtrack for rainy afternoons.

To contact us for booking or other enquiries send
mail or email to the following adresses :

Kim Berg
Kapellveien 158 E
0493 Oslo